Create international brand for you

In theory, all brands can be promoted to the international market, but in fact, only a few medium-sized enterprises (or the advertising agencies they cooperate with) have the skill and courage to enter the overseas market. since two thousand and one Over the years, We are committed to building bridges for brands that want to expand overseas, and help the rapid business growth of brands.

We have offices around Boston and Copenhagen, and we have six continents fifty-five Partners.


Professional international marketing team

When you become our customer, our team will be like your company's marketing department to advise you. We will supplement or fill in the functions of your marketing department in the following aspects:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Consumer research
  • Research on nervous system marketing
  • Brand development
  • brand positioning
  • Language and cultural adaptation
  • Network advertisement and traditional advertisement marketing
  • Media integration
  • Internal marketing
  • Market segmentation
  • Product development
  • pricing strategy
  • Sales strategy

We will create a dream team of international marketing for you, devise strategies for you in the business war with competitors, and help you win by surprise and remain invincible.


Execution & responsibility

Our consultants will be fully responsible for the strategy they have developed and personally guide and supervise the implementation of the strategy. Therefore, their suggestions are based on practice, can be quantified and tested, and have strong operability. In addition, we have an outsourcing service network including copywriting, art direction, web development and other functions. If you have relevant requirements, we will also select experts to join the team.


Three year growth plan

Our core product, Moso business growth plan, organically combines all our service items to help your enterprise achieve its growth target within three years. If you choose to join this growth program, will become a highly integrated partner with your company's marketing department, serving your company deeply. The whole growth plan is divided into evaluation, research and strategy development stages. Finally, we will help you manage and ensure the effective implementation of the strategy.

We only provide this high-end service to a limited number of customers every year. Please contact us to find out whether your brand is suitable for participating in this program. >>Contact us